Adventure Working

An idea that I’ve been experimenting with lately is an adaptation of Cal Newport’s old concept of “Adventure Studying”

“At Dartmouth, I frequently sought ways to challenge this conventional wisdom. When I would see the hooded sweat-shirted masses trudging toward the library at the beginning of finals period, I would turn and run in the opposite direction. I was known to drive 20 minutes away from campus to study at bookstore where no one knew or cared that my school had exams. I would sometimes tackle thorny take-home exam questions while walking the banks of the Connecticut river. Anything to avoid the cinder-blocked study lounges that most students believed — bafflingly — that they were contractually bound to inhabit during this period.”

I’m lucky where they are multiple scenic places within a 15 minute walk for me to quietly work when I have a difficult problem to tackle.

Here is where I finally established a well-defined process for a task that I had struggled with replicating:

Here is where I spent some time drumming up new ideas to improve the operations of the start-up I work for:

It’s important to find the balance between good weather and to broaden your definition of good weather. Anything about 45 and up is fair game in my opinion, provided you have a solid jacket and decent footwear.

Sometimes all it takes is a new environment to make rapid progress on a challenging project or tasks that I’ve been avoiding…

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